FC2 female condom

for enjoyable safer sex

The FC2 female condom

Are you planning a pregnancy? Or do you want to wait to have your next child? The FC2 female condom is a safe and enjoyable birth control method. It also protects against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. Both men and women enjoy sex with the FC2 female condom. Read more about the FC2 female condom >>

  • Purple FC2 materials

    The purple FC2 sachet is visible in most of our materials now!

  • Conference handout and poster

    Looking for a short explanation of the difference FC2 female condoms have made and will make? Check our conference handout and poster.

  • Follow the QR code

    The purple FC2 sachet offers the possibility to access an online FC2 instruction video. Watch the video here.

Latest news

  • The business case for female condoms

    To get a clear answer to the question: “Is it worth spending money on female condoms?” Rutgers WPF, one of the Universal Access to Female Condoms partners, asked Global Health Visions (GHV) to write a business case, with financial support from Equilibres et Populations.

  • New UNFPA report 'Adding it up'

    According to UNFPA new estimates show that sexual and reproductive health services fall well short of needs in developing regions. An estimated 225 million women who want to avoid a pregnancy are not using an effective contraceptive method.

  • Highlights Global Female Condom Day 2014

    Global Female Condom Day 2014 was a day to call for increased access to female condoms. SUPPORT's partner organizations organized various activities to highlight this highly effective sexual health tool.