SUPPORT is a team of health professionals that is specialized in FC2 female condom programming and training. SUPPORT assists organizations and professionals who want to increase the use of FC2 female condoms. The highly experienced international team members have trained thousands of professionals on the promotion of FC2 use.

SUPPORT's goal
Our goal is to support the work required so that the necessary components for FC2 program implementation, identified over 20 years of experience, are considered.
Our hope is that women and their partners have access to the FC2 female condom as and when they need it, together with the knowledge about how to use FC2 correctly.

For whom?
Promoting FC2 female condoms is especially relevant for organizations and professionals who are working to prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. This encompasses health care providers, AIDS control officers, community based distributors, outreach workers and peer educators.

Useful materials
SUPPORT has developed FC2 Training Manuals and a range of education and Information materials. Information on their use is presented on this website.


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