Global condom week

During the week of Valentine’s day global Condom week will be celebrated. In the US the whole month of February is marked as Condom month. In SUPPORT’s partnering country South Africa activities will be organized to raise awareness about male and female condoms all together.

Male and female condoms
When talking about ‘condoms’ the majority of people is referring to male condoms. It’s our hope that more people will be aware of the fact that you can choose between two options: male condoms or female condoms. Having two options available increases  the chance of having safe sex.

Condom week in South Africa
During National STI/Condom week attention is focused on demanding to stop violence against women and on reminding people of how a sexual relationship should be: mutually respectful and safe. Information about FC2 female condoms is included in the provided information kit on February the 14th during activities in Johannesburg.

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