Female Condom Empowerment Groups in Mozambique

Pathfinder_female_condoms_are_movie_mIn Mozambique Pathfinder International helps to ensure access to female condoms in health facilities and supports the training of providers to counsel and provide services related to female condoms. In these health facilities female condoms are introduced in ‘Empowerment Groups’. Groups of women gather to discuss negotiating condom use with their partners and how to use the condom correctly.

Since January 2012, more than 26,000 female condoms were distributed to health units and 4,800 women participated in empowerment group meetings.

At Pathfinders website you can read Celia’s story. She is a maternal and child health nurse who organized an empowerment group.

The movie “Female Condoms Are… Power. Protection. Pleasure”, is based on Pathfinder’s female condom work in Mozambique. In May 2013 this movie has won the international “Female Condoms Are…” film contest.

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